Advent Calendar Palooza: Simply Gilded 12 Days of Christmas

When I first mentioned the palooza on the blog, I mentioned there was a fourth calendar not in the picture and that I wasn’t sure whether to open it during the traditional 12 days of Christmas starting December 25th, or to include it as a countdown to Christmas with the others.  Since you are reading this, clearly I couldn’t wait.  When the Simply Gilded box was first delivered, the packaging was so pretty I couldn’t help myself, so here we are. This is probably a good thing, as I eventually do want to get back to posting things other than these reveals.


Aren’t the envelopes pretty?  Here they are all laid out so that you can see each one.


I’ve reviewed Simply Gilded on this blog before, as I am a current subscriber to the monthly sub box, and I am a fan of their washi.  I am expecting to be fairly delighted with the contents of this calendar.  Let’s see what’s in envelope one.


It’s two rolls of matching washi in the 10mm and 15mm size.  The washi gas a floral background with the Simply Gilded signature now on top.  Like with other washi, I’ll try to include close ups.


Two rolls isn’t a bad way to start this one.




Advent Calendar Palooza: 12 Days of Burton Day 1

We finally are just 12 days away from Christmas, which means we get to start opening the 12 day advent calendars.  First up is the 12 Days of Burton box by So Berry Busy. Please excuse me while I fangirl all over Blaine’s artwork.  I find her skill for hand drawing to be amazeballs.

The 12 Days of Burton box follows So Berry Busy’s character Fang as he explores the world of Tim Burton films.  I expect to find Fang visiting the cast of The Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, and maybe even a little Pee Wee or Alice in Wonderland.

In envelope 1, we start off with stickers clearly inspired by the Nightmare Before Christmas.


The date night stickers are cute.  I also like the page of arrows.  Because I want you to see the details on that second page, here’s a close up of the whole sheet.


I am not sure if the entire box will coordinate or not.  By the time I open a few more, we might get a better feel for how this box is going to shake out.

Advent Calendar Palooza: Cricketmas Day 12

We have also reached the half way point in the Cricket Paper Co Cricketmas countdown. Today, we have more stickers that coordinate with the other functional stickers received to date, this time in labels, quarter boxes and half boxes.  I am really enjoying how all of these stickers coordinate.  By the time we get through this countdown, we should have enough to plan several weeks worth of pages.


Advent Calendar Palooza: Cricketmas Day 13

Today, in the Cricket Paper Co Cricketmas envelope for day 13, we get more stickers. Today’s stickers are quite practical and match the blue theme we seem to have going on. Habit trackers and bill stickers are a fairly consistent event in my planner, so I can see using these right up.


Advent Calendar Palooza: Jimmy Beans Craftvent Day 12

I may not have thought through just how interesting these advent calendar posts are or are not.  Particularly as it looks like the Jimmy Beans Craftvent calendar has started to repeat colors.  It makes sense that it would – we are knitting a wrap, after all.  At least there will be two new 12 day calendars entering the mix tomorrow.

Today in the Jimmy Beans box 12, we get more Tosh Merino Light in Dirty Panther.


Advent Calendar Palooza: Cricketmas Day 15

My second late night package is Day 15 of the Cricketmas countdown by Cricket Paper Co.


Today we got more stickers featuring the shop mascot doing winter type things like building a snowman and sitting in front of the fire.  As someone that lives where it is perpetually summer, I don’t know that I will get much use out of these, but they are cute.  Here’s a close up.


Advent Calendar Palooza: Jimmy Beans Craftvent Day 10

Today was a long day of travel home from my recent trip, so I didn’t get to open today’s packages until quite late.  First up, let’s see what Jimmy Beans had in store for me.


Today’s yarn was more from Anzula in the Nebula base in Au Natural as the colorway.  I think it’s going to look great with the pinks 9f the last few days.