The Landmark Project: CHL# 202

CHL# 202 SILVERADO Located in Cañada de la Madera (Timber Canyon) was a mining boomtown founded in 1878 when silver was discovered nearby. During the colorful life of its boom, 1878-1881, miners flocking to the area established a thriving community, served daily by stage from Los Angeles and Santa Ana. Descriptions of each landmark are […]

The Landmark Project: CHL# 228

CHL# 228 CARBONDALE This is the site of the 1878 coal discovery. The mine, called the Santa Clara, was operated by the Southern Pacific. The village of Carbondale was built on the flat. When the mine was closed down, Carbondale’s buildings were moved away and today not one remains. Descriptions of each landmark are from […]

The Landmark Project: CHL# 738

CHL# 738 CORONA FOUNDERS MONUMENT R. B. Taylor, George L. Joy, Samuel Merrill, A. S. Garretson, and Adolph Rimpau, after purchasing lands of La Sierra Rancho and El Temescal grant, founded the citrus colony and town of Corona on May 4, 1886. Descriptions of each landmark are from the California Office of Historical Preservation website.