The Landmark Project: CHL# 711

CHL# 711 MONTGOMERY MEMORIAL At Otay Mesa, in 1883, John Joseph Montgomery made the first flight in a heavier-than-air craft 20 years before the Wrights. Montgomery made many more glider flights before accepting a professorship at Santa Clara College, where he continued his interest in aviation. Descriptions of each landmark are from the California Office […]

The Landmark Project: CHL# 818

CHL# 818 FIRST MILITARY FLYING SCHOOL IN AMERICA The flat lands beyond have been a part of aviation history since Glenn Curtiss founded the first military flying school in America here on January 17, 1911. The Army operated Rockwell Field until January 31, 1939, the Navy commissioned the present air station on November 8, 1917. […]

The Landmark Project: CHL# 844

CHL# 844 HOTEL DEL CORONADO This Victorian hotel, built in 1887, is one of America’s largest wooden buildings. Few seaside resort hotels of this significant architectural style remain in America. The hotel has hosted several Presidents and other national figures. Also a US National Landmark and on the US National Register of Historic Places Descriptions […]

The Landmark Project: CHL# 1023

CHL# 1023  NATIONAL CITY DEPOT TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD This National City California Southern Railroad depot built in 1882 served as the first Pacific Coast terminus station of the Santa Fe Railway system’s transcontinental railroad. The station was the West Coast general office and figured prominently in Santa Fe’s effort to break the economic and transportation monopoly […]