The Landmark Project: CHL# 950

CHL# 950 UNITED STATES RABBIT EXPERIMENTAL STATION In March 1928, the Federal Government established the first and only experimental station in the United States devoted solely to research on the breeding and raising of rabbits on a five-acre property donated by A. B. Miller of Fontana. The station successfully pioneered new techniques of rabbit care […]

The Landmark Project: CHL# 856

CHL #856 RALSTON HALL This redwood structure was completed in 1868 by William Chapman Ralston, San Francisco financier. Incorporating Count Cipriani’s earlier villa, this enlarged mansion with its mirrored ballroom became the symbol of the extravagance of California s Silver Age. It anticipated features later incorporated into Ralston’s Palace Hotel in San Francisco. Descriptions of […]

The Landmark Project: CHL# 857

CHL# 857 JOHN ADAMS SQUIRE HOUSE Designed by T. Paterson Ross and constructed in 1904 by builder George W. Mosher, this house is a notable example of California’s interpretation of the Greco-Roman Classic Revival movement in America. Descriptions of each landmark are from the California Office of Historical Preservation website.

The Landmark Project: CHL# 492

CHL# 492 BUTTONWILLOW TREE This lone tree, which gave the town of Buttonwillow its name, served as a landmark on an old trans-valley trail. An ancient Yokuts Indian meeting place, it later became the site of settlers’ stock rodeos. Miller and Lux established their headquarters and store here about 1885. Descriptions of each landmark are […]