It’s past my bedtime.  Well, technically I guess I don’t have a bedtime since I am an adult and all, but I get up really early in the mornings so that I can brave LA traffic and roll into the office at a fairly reasonable hour.  Since the alarm goes off early, I try to go to bed at about the same time you probably put your kiddo to bed.  Because that’s how I roll.  Otherwise, lack of sleep makes me a little cranky.

But, you may ask yourself, “self, why is this chick up late?”  Because I started a blog, that’s why.  Do you know how long it takes to come up with a name?  Or decide on a color scheme?  A really, really long time – more time than I really have if you are still looking at a stark white page.  I was just going to poke around WordPress.  Dilly dally around a bit.  See how hard it would be to take the ideas in my head about blogging that are floating around and make them happen.  And next thing you know it’s 10pm, the dogs haven’t been walked yet, and I think I am on my second viewing of the Grammys.

I’ve got some ideas – WIP Wednesdays, for example, where I will update progress on whatever project happens to be getting my attention this week.  Or Stash Enhancement Saturdays because the weekend is when I get my shopping on.  I’ll let them percolate a day or two more and then post some actual content.  🙂

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