WIP Wednesday: Afghan Square


In my quest to learn new things, I signed up for a heritage afghan series of classes at my local yarn shop.  We do one square together in class and one square on our own once a month, and then around October or November we will seam them up and knit a cabled border around them.  Squares are a great way to try out new techniques.  Our first square in January forced me to get over my fear of cables.  I have no idea why I was afraid of cables, they are actually quite easy, but I was terrified and fascinated by them at the same time.  This month, we are doing one that forced me to learn how to work the square from the inside towards the edges.  It also forced me to do the dreaded M1L and M1R while purling, and no one likes to do that, particularly since I am using DPNs instead of circulars.

The squares are coming from numerous books.  The ones used so far two months into the project include:

There are many more books you can find 12 inch square patterns in, and the squares can be mixed and matched into various sizes.  Nine blocks will make a good size baby blanket.  Twenty blocks will be a nice adult sized afghan.  The square I am working on this week is called Textured Vortex by Joan Schrouder and came out of The Great American Afghan book that is second on the bullet list above.  I’ll be honest, it’s not a square I would have chosen on my own.  The classes tackle interesting squares, but they are not quite the same aesthetic that I would choose for my own home decor, so the squares I am doing on my own are going to be fairly plain stitch patterns to balance the crazy squares out.  I might end up giving the entire afghan away at the end of the project if I don’t like how the squares mix when I am done.


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