Tip Tuesday: My Friend the Darning Needle

When choosing projects to work on, I often scan the stitches to see if there are any techniques I don’t like.  This sometimes influences my choices when it comes to adding items to my queue or starting projects.  One of the stitches that cause me to shudder the most is the dreaded K3tog or any combination of stitches where there are more than two stitches being knitted together at any one time.

I recently discovered a trick that helps me slide my needle tip through multiple stitches at once, even when my tips are not particularly sharp.  Meet my friend, the darning needle.  Simply slide your darning needle in to the stitches as if to purl, and give them a tiny tug.


This will loosen up the stitches enough for your needle tip to slide in from the normal angle to knit, and getting multiple stitches onto your needle is much easier.

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