WIP Wednesday: Campbell Blanket

When gift giving, I like to give unique gifts when I can.  This often means making something handmade for the recipient, assuming they are the kind of person that would appreciate handmade items.  My go to gift for baby showers are knitted baby blankets, and since those can take a little while to make I tend to have one on the needles at all times.

Right now, the current baby blanket on the needles is the Campbell Blanket by Appalachian Baby Designs.  The kit comes with 6 skeins of organic cotton yarn, in either a blue and natural or pink and natural color scheme.  The pattern uses simple stitches to form an interesting design, and then you crochet a border around the blanket when complete.  The K4B stitch gives the knitter something more than just the knit and purl stitches to do, so it isn’t as boring as some baby blankets can be to make.  (Everyone gets bored by the time you get to the 3rd or 4th skein, right?!)


Some of my other go to patterns for baby blankets include:

When the Campbell Blanket is completed, my next baby blanket project will be Mustachioed by Christina Behnke.  That pattern is so darn cute I might just make it a little bigger and keep it as a throw for myself.

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