Sock Progress Sunday: The “Fugly” Socks Take 2 Update

I made really good progress this week on my socks.  Credit goes to my super long commute into work and the Metrolink train system that allows me to sit and knit instead of sitting in my car in traffic.  With a lot of time to kill came a lot of sock knitting.

End of week 1 and I am ready to do the heel.  I do the Fish Lips Kiss heel by Sox Therapist on Ravelry.  I’ll try to do the heel tonight, as that way I will be ready to work on the leg and cuff this week during the commute.


I’m hoping to finish this pair during the month of March because I might have gone a little nuts with the ordering of some self striping sock yarn from Biscotte Yarns, which will be reviewed in an upcoming post once they are delivered and I have a chance to cast on a pair or two.  I’ve also been ogling some Desert Vista Dyeworks, so I am going to need to clear some needles to make room for lots and lots of stripes in my future.

4 thoughts on “Sock Progress Sunday: The “Fugly” Socks Take 2 Update

  1. I just started Hedgerow by Ann Kingstone. I had worked on two smaller fair isle projects, and a group I knit with at my LYS decided to knit Hedgerow together, so I jumped in. I’ll post pictures of progress here once it starts to look like a sweater…right now it is only a hem. 🙂


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