WIP Wednesday: Pretty Little Italy

One of the first crafts I really enjoyed when I was younger was counted cross-stitch.  Aside from reading, it is probably the craft that has been around in my hobby repertoire the longest.  Following a pattern and making that little x over and over until it turns into an actual picture is kind of amazing.

Before the internet (and really, how did we shop before the internet?!) I was limited to the kits Michaels or similar big box stores sold, and I felt like the types of pictures I would actually hang in my home were not represented.  This may come as a surprise to you, but I have zero desire to hang up a big cat picture, and there seems to be an abundance of those kits out there.  (Like this one.  Or this one.)  So sometimes I would put the cross-stitch aside and focus on other crafty endeavors until I came across a pattern that actually spoke to me.

In more recent years, with the invention of Etsy and other budding designers’ websites, you can now find all sorts of cute patterns.  My favorite is Satsuma Street designs.  I am currently working on Pretty Little Italy, and have Pretty Little Paris in the queue for when this one is done.

cross stitch

Other designers worth checking out are:

My progress on cross-stitch projects are slow because I don’t find them to be as portable as a knitting project, but it is definitely a way to relax on a weekend if I have a few hours to devote to it.


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