Sock Progress Sunday: The Fugly Sock Continues…

Sock one is almost done!  I just need to add 15 rows of 1×1 ribbing in the contrast color, and then it is finished.  I was hoping to be done last night, but the sausages went to the vet and we were there much, much longer than anticipated.  There is a good chance I will be able to knit sock two during the commute this week on the train, so with any luck I might have a finished pair by next week.


I tried something different with this pair.  Before I tell you, I have a confession…I have cankles. 😦  My angles and calf are just big.  I wish they weren’t, but they are.  As such, I normally need to do some increases after the heel or else my socks are too tight.  I was reading the forums on Ravelry, though, and someone suggested just going up a needle size on the leg for this problem.  This allows you to stay in pattern if you are working on something other than a vanilla sock, while also giving your ankle some room to breath.  This is genius, and thank goodness I was wasting time on the internet and came across it!  So I’ve gone up in the needle size even though I wasn’t working in a pattern, just to see if it works.  It makes the sock a little baggy on the blocker, but it really does fit pretty good on my leg.  I need to order the next larger sock blocker, and then future pics will look better.

I’m really glad I am aiming to finish this pair in the coming week, as I’ve ordered tons of self striping sock yarn lately and I am ready to cast on something new.  I feel I have a bout of startitis coming on, and Sock Progress Sunday may have to be renamed Multiple Sock Madness or something.


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