Stash Enhancement Saturday: Biscotte Bis-Sock Yarn

It’s been a good mail week for me.  One of the best packages I received was my recent order of self-striping yarn from Biscotte Yarns.   You may also be familiar with the brand by the name Biscotte & Cie.

I am obsessed with self-striping socks right now.  As the stash enhancement rolls in, you’re going to see a bunch of different indie dyed self-striping yarns make an appearance on the blog.  I can’t get enough of it.

Bis-sock by Biscotte is an 85% superwash merino, 15% nylon base that is sold in 435 yard hanks.  The colors are amazing!  I started with just three skeins this order – Watermelon, Baby Wale, and Creme Brulee.  My search for watermelon sock yarn is actually how I came across Biscotte Yarns through searching watermelon sock projects on Ravelry.  Once the package was opened, the feel of the yarn was almost as nice as the colors.  It is soft and super squishy.



I immediately wound up a hank and started some toes so that I could see how it would knit up. I had help with the winding.



The twist is a little looser than I prefer. I have to be careful to not split it, particularly while doing increases on the toes, but it is otherwise fabulous to knit with.  I can see this becoming a favorite very quickly.


As with any indie dyed yarn I purchase, I will probably do a citric acid treatment before I wash the socks.  While it is superwash based, sometimes colors can bleed, and the colors are so pretty in these hanks I would hate to lose any of that vibrancy in the wash.  If you aren’t familiar with citric acid treatments for yarn, head over to the Jasmin’s blog from the Knitmore Girls for instructions.

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