Tip Tuesday: Save Those Receipts!

Recently I discovered I possess Hulk strength.  While putting a cord on tips from my Knitter’s Pride Royale interchangeable set, I snapped a tip right in half.  I wasn’t even knitting with it, I was just screwing the tip to the cord.


I emailed Knitter’s Pride customer service and was happy to find out they would replace my tips.  The Royale tips are not sold separately, so had they not had this replacement policy, I would have been size US4-less forever.  They make you go through the store you purchased the item from in order to get the replacement, though.

This was a little bit of a problem for me because I had purchased the tips online several months earlier and hadn’t saved my receipt.  Lucky for me, I had purchased through Paradise Fibers, though, and they also have excellent customer service and had a record of my purchase on file.  Before I knew it, I had a replacement set of needles, and my set is once again complete.

So my tip for this week is to save your receipts on large purchases, just in case you find you have Hulk strength, too.

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