Stash Enhancement Saturday: Turtlepurl Yarns

My quest to own ALL the self-striping yarn continues.  This week’s addition to the stash is from Turtlepurl Yarns.  I ordered the Trenchcoat colorway in their Striped Turtle Toes base.  The base is 75% Superwash Merino and 25% Nylon, and comes with a generous 450 yards/100 grams.  I chose this colorway because it reminds me of a Burburry scarf.  I can’t really afford a Burberry scarf, but I can certainly afford some socks!

2016-03-26 10.41.04

One of the things I like best about Turtlepurl Yarns is that it is put up in two skeins, perfect for winding and then doing two at a time socks that actually match.  The label even includes a note about being sure to start your socks from the same ends.

2016-03-26 10.41.49

I wound both skeins into cakes this morning and knit a swatch because I wanted to see how the yarn was going to knit up.  The high nylon content makes for a yarn that is not as soft as I would normally like, as my favorite sock base is a MCN base, but it had a tight enough spin that the yarn was not too splitty and it knit up nicely.  Don’t get me wrong, the yarn isn’t rough and will be very nice to wear – it’s just not as soft as the sock I have been working on all week, so I noticed a difference.

I am ready to start both socks, and it will be nice to not have to worry about making sure my socks match when I begin, since the hard work was already done for me.

2016-03-26 10.46.42

You’ll have to excuse the terrible looking cakes.  I bought a yarn winder that I have been trying out, and I’ll post a review of it next week.  We’ll just say I haven’t gotten the hang of winding, yet, rather than saying the yarn winder sucks.  🙂

I was going to start the toes, but the sausages seem to have gotten bored with my shenanigans this morning, and I think they are ready for a walk.  The sausages win over knitting this time.  I mean, look at those poor faces!




2 thoughts on “Stash Enhancement Saturday: Turtlepurl Yarns

    • Her colorways are definitely pretty! I keep going back to look at the Old Glory and Absinthe colorways. I should have a sock update on these in the next week or two, depending on what I can get done. 🙂


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