Stash Enhancement Saturday: Fritz Kits

I had originally planned for today to be a review of a ball winder I had purchased, but I am pushing that out for a couple reasons.  One is that I want more time to use it in order to be more complete in my review.  My day job has been extremely busy this week, so I haven’t had a lot of time to knit and as a result, not a lot of time to wind yarn.  The other is that I am really excited to tell you about a new subscription service I signed up for, and since I just received my box a couple days ago, the timing worked out really well for this post.

From previous posts, I’ve already shared that I receive Yarnbox once a month.  I like Yarnbox, but you get the one yarn in your box that you have no control over, and there is no opportunity to pick and choose yarns or try out different items.  This is why Fritz Kits was so interesting to me.

I had heard about Fritz Kits on a couple of podcasts and in a Ravelry forum post, but when I went to their website to check them out, I was admittedly surprised at the lack of information and somewhat hesitant to sign up.  I still entered my email for more information, and was pleasantly surprised by the email exchanges I had with the Fritz Kits staff.  Once you receive the first email, you complete a survey that asks you questions about your fiber habits.  The questions range from the type of crafting you do, to projects you like to make and preferences for fiber, colors, and tools.

I also sent back some questions of my own, because I still wanted some specifics like how often boxes get mailed, what is the value of the box typically, and and what type of products might I receive.  After a couple emails back and forth, I felt relatively confident the company was solid, and entered my credit card information.

How the service works is that you receive a box of goodies picked out just for you.  You have 10 days to decide what to keep or return.  You keep want you want, and return the rest in the same box with a per-printed label included.  You are only charged for the items you keep.

I was really pleased with the choices in my first box.  I feel like the products were in line with the survey I completed and actually were items I would purchase out at a LYS or on other shopping trips.  Everything was individually wrapped, in great condition and protected from shipping damage.

2016-04-09 08.58.02_resized

For the products you try out, you return the samples and if you would like the product they send you new items in your next box. Here is what I received:


I am going to keep the two MCN sock bases for sure.  I can’t resist a MCN base, particularly when they are pretty colors.  I am also contemplating keeping the Rios.  The Sunset colorway is beautiful, but I am not sure if I can find a use for just 200 yards of worsted yarn.  There is an option to order more of something in your box, so maybe I’ll think about getting a second skein.

The items I am returning are not because they aren’t great products, they just aren’t for me at this time.  The Malabrigo Sock doesn’t have any nylon content, and I am hesitant to make socks without the nylon.  The Stonehenge Fiber Mill is nice, but I am not sure what I would use it for and I am trying to be mindful in buying yarn just for the sake of buying.

I suggest you try it out.  I like that you can pick and choose what to keep, so it makes the subscription service less scary if you like choices.  I also like that you can choose how often to receive your boxes and can return anything you don’t want without being charged.

The only cons I have is that the lack of information on the website is a bit off putting, but perhaps they will change that as the business grows, and that I have to actually go to the post office to return items.  But these are minor concerns in an overall great experience.



2 thoughts on “Stash Enhancement Saturday: Fritz Kits

  1. They at least need a FAQs section. I imagine that it would be easier to not have to answer the same question 150 times. For instance- if I like the whole box (or forget to return the items I don’t want in time), how much is a box? And how much does it get discounted, depending on what I return? There’s a LOT of leeway (and a lot of things that can go wrong) with something like this, and that in itself makes me a little queasy.


    • I agree that a FAQ section would be great! I asked about the total value of a box and it was in the $150 range or so. I was really nervous about trying it out, but it worked out okay for me. 🙂


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