Tip Tuesday: Fixing Mistakes

My current magnum opus of knitting is the Hedgerow cardigan I am working on.  I’ve been working away on it, trying to get at least one round in every night, but it is slow going as each round takes me about 45 minutes.  So imagine my shock when I realized I made a mistake several rows down.

It was quite a sight to behold – me counting and recounting, looking from the chart to my knitting, trying to figure out what happened while willing myself not to cry a little.  The reality of the situation is, though, that there is only a tiny portion of the pattern where it shows up.  In the entire round of knitting, the mistake affects only a few of the flowers in the pattern because I made the mistake relatively close to the end.


There it is, my humiliation for all to see.  I posted the pic on Instagram, and my friends said reassuring things about how it was hardly noticeable, but I noticed it.  It was sitting there mocking me.

I started to thread in a lifeline so that I could rip row after row back when I realized there was another option.  What if I duplicate stitched over the 12 stitches that were incorrect?  It was a small section, so how bad could it be?  So here is the same section post-duplicate stitch.


Is it perfect?  Not really.  But I do think it will blend in to the rest of the cardigan fairly seamlessly given the area affected is small.  So provided the mistake covers a small area and it is not caught until ripping back is like a little knife to the heart, I’d consider using duplicate stitch to fix it.


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