Knitter in the Wild: LA County Yarn Crawl 2016

If you are local to Los Angeles, I hope you were able to participate in the LA County Yarn Crawl this weekend.  I managed to hit all 25 stores in 3 days and had a lot of fun.  It was the first time I had been to several of the stores, and it was also nice to visit some old favorites from past adventures.

I thought about reviewing each individual store, but it would have resulted in the longest blog post known to man, so I thought I would give you highlights of my favorite shops.  Please note that this doesn’t mean I didn’t like a shop if it isn’t on the list – I found something to purchase at each and every shop, much to my wallet’s chagrin.  But the shops below spoke to me and my knitting aesthetic.  As I walked through the stores designing my own imaginary shop in my head, these are the ones that inspired me.

The Altered Stitch – This store is adorable!  It’s eclectic in decor and has a funky little vibe to it.  One of the things I loved most was their collection of indie dyers they stocked.  They are the only store I’ve ever seen Turtle Purl stocked at, and this is where I was introduced to The Flying Kettle.  I picked up some of The Flying Kettle’s MCN sock yarn in the Beetlejuice colorway.  The Altered Stitch is also cool in my book because they teamed up with one of my other faves, The Yarnover Truck!

The Yarnover Truck – I don’t need a crawl to stalk the Yarnover Truck.  I regularly follow them around and make a particular effort to track them down when they are in Orange County.  They almost always have an indie dyer as a spotlight, and I have been introduced to many wonderful yarns through their mobile store.  They were sweethearts and made sure I won a prize when I visited them on Thursday, too, and you can’t be mad about that!  I picked up some more Anzula here.

Wildfiber Studio – The parking situation for Wildfiber leaves a little to be desired, but it is so worth it!  They have a wonderfully large, open space filled with delightful yarns, and everyone working there was friendly and helpful.  I managed to pick up a Hue Loco set here that included a project bag and some MCN yarn, as well as the Sock Ruler, which I hadn’t seen anywhere else on the crawl.

Make One Yarn Company – This is a relatively new shop on the scene, as it only opened a year ago.  I found their selection really great with a focus on indie dyers.  They had a whole wall of Madeline Tosh.   I managed to pick up some Brown Bag Yarn BFL sock yarn to try out, and they had Knitter’s Pride Karbonz needles for sale so I picked up some US6 tips to try them out, too.

Alamitos Bay Yarn Company – This is always a fun shop to stop in on the crawl.  They do a theme, have trunk shows and specials, and are always packed to the gills.  They had a special project bag from Slipped Stitch Studios which had unfortunately sold out by the time I got there, but they were taking names for a restock.  They also have a great button selection, and I managed to find the perfect buttons for my Hedgerow I am working on.

Twist, Yarns of Intrigue – What I like about Twist is that they stock their own yarn.  Their cotton selection is the best around, so I stocked up on some coordinating colors because I kicked myself last year for leaving without some.  I also managed to find a MCN skein that I needed, too.

So, what kind of damage did I do?  A lot, my friends, a lot.


It’s overwhelming to look at, so here are some smaller sets. First up is the cotton.  I was really excited to find some Quince & Co. at Gather DTLA.  I’ve been wanting to try it but I never see it stocked anywhere else.  Also included is the previously mentioned cotton from Twist, and then a couple of skeins of Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton.  Confession time – when I couldn’t find anything else to buy, I’d pick up a skein of Ultra Pima Cotton because I always use that for spa facecloth gifts.


Next up, let’s talk cashmere and MCN yarn.  Jennifer Knits has an entire wall of cashmere!  I picked up a three color bundle that I am going to use to make the 3 Color Cashmere Cowl.  Two skeins of the Flying Kettle, the Hue Loco, the Twist, and the Anzula round out the cashmere group.


Some other luxury yarn I picked up is Woolfolk in three colors that I thought might make good colors for a manly hat and scarf.  Woolfolk feels amazing!  I also picked up some Candy Skein Sweet Fingering which is a 50% Merino, 50% silk base.


Some new to me companies included Wonderland Yarns, Alexandra’s Crafts, The Fiber Seed, and the previously mentioned Brown Bag Yarn.


To round out the shopping, I also picked up a couple books, some notions, and a couple of hat kits.

And that’s a wrap!  Yarn crawls can be a lot of fun, so I hope you find one near you to participate in.  You could always make a list of your local shops and make your own crawl, too.



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