Tip Tuesday: Exporting Stash from Ravelry

As you might be able to tell from reading the blog, I like to shop for yarn.  I admittedly have quite a bit, and as such, I can sometimes forget what I actually have.  I also do want to be mindful of purchases, and try to keep my incoming stash rotating with old stash actually being used up.

I really, really love the stash feature at Ravelry.  Not only can you keep track of what you have, match your yarn up with projects in your queue, and look up information about the yarn while on the website, you can also export your stash into an Excel file in just one easy step.

Step 1: Click in the export to Excel button, see red circle.

stash step 1


Step 2: Profit.

stash step 2

I export my stash every few months.  I like Excel because you can sort your stash by any of the column headings if you are looking for something in particular.  If you have filled in purchase dates or the cost, you can also track your spending and your rate of usage.  If the numbers interest you, try it!

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