Stash Enhancement Saturday: Pretty Little Los Angeles

You may recall that I do other crafts in addition to knitting.  When I cross-stitch, I like to do more modern patterns, and the one WIP I have posted here was part of the Pretty Little cities patterns from Satsuma Street.  I have been working on Pretty Little Italy, and have Pretty Little Paris queued up next.

Although Satsuma Street has a California city already in print (San Francisco), being a Southern California girl, I had always hoped the designer would make her way down the coast to my neck of the woods.  We have so many distinctive landmarks and potential design features.  Well, this week, Satsuma Street released Pretty Little Los Angeles!

I’ve purchased the pattern, but won’t have progress to show for quite a while.  In the meantime, head over to the shop and see if your favorite city is represented!

I am off to a Kentucky Derby party today.  Honestly, I think I am most excited about the hat.  I picked one up off Etsy from Beyond Sassy LLC, and can’t wait to rock it out.


Is that hat fabulous or what?!  Whatever you do this weekend, have fun!



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