Tip Tuesday: Bringing your knitting needles on airplanes

Having just returned from vacation, I have flying on the brain.  A frequent question that is asked is whether or not you may be able to bring your knitting needles with you on the plane, particularly given they are sharp and pointed objects.

Here in the US where I live, the answer is a resounding yes!  I have never had TSA or security even question my knitting needles.  I do make sure that there is knitting already on them so that it doesn’t look like I am just carrying a weapon on, but I don’t know that it is really necessary to do that.  The TSA absolutely says they are allowed.

Foreign airports are another story.  If you are boarding a plane in another country, it is best to check the security area of the website for the airport you are leaving from.  I did find when I recently searched for information in Mexico, I couldn’t find anything other than some first person accounts on the internet about knitting needles being confiscated, so just to be safe I put my knitting in my checked baggage.

For the US, here are some helpful websites.  First, the TSA says knitting needles are allowed directly on their website.  It is also reinforced on a recent TSA Blog postLion Brand also has a good informative article.

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