Stash Enhancement Saturday: Studio Storage

I buy too much stuff.  As a result, storage can become an issue.  Lately, my problem is yarn storage, but make no mistake – craft storage, in general, is a problem for me.  So last weekend I set out to find something I could throw some more yarn in so that I could get the shopping bags off of my work table.

While wandering around one of my local chain craft stores, I found two possible options.


Much like Goldilocks, however, I found  issues that kept them from being “just right.”  The one on the left is lopsided….I mean, why is that top basket so much higher up than the spacing on the other two baskets?!  And the one on the right was much too small, I would have needed to buy multiples.

But then I turned the corner, and look what I found!


Isn’t it pretty?!  So I bought it, took it home, and have now moved it around the studio multiple times.  It holds a lot of yarn, too!  I am still working out what I am going to store in it, right now it has sock yarn, but as I figure out the best spot it might get filled with something else.  Here is a picture of it pretty much blocking the doorway, lol.


I will need to move the bookshelf down a bit in order for it to fit against the wall next to it.  The bookshelf is heavy though, and I am currently shuffling around on a foot with some torn ligaments, so I’ll wait until I feel better before I attempt that.  I could put it on the opposite wall, but that is really close to the windows, and I worry the yarn might fade.  In the meantime, I will leave it in the middle of the room right where it is because it intrigues the sausages.  Bratwurst wouldn’t hold still, so he is the blurry one.   Sauerkraut at least looked towards the camera.


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