Tip Tuesday: Finding Time to be Productive

Although you can’t tell from the lack of posts in the Finished Object Friday category, I am a fairly productive crafter.  People often ask me how I find time to do so much.  I sometimes joke that having no husband or kids to look after leaves me with plenty of time, but in reality, the simple answer is that I just eek out free moments whenever I find them.

So I present to you, the little ways I find time to be crafty:

  • When I can’t sleep – I have a love/hate relationship with sleep, mostly because I find it elusive often.  If I have been laying in bed staring at the ceiling for more than an hour, I give up and just sit up in bed, turn on the TV, and pull out a project.
  • During my commute – When I take the commuter train, I can find quite a bit of time to read or knit. This is harder when I drive, but I have been known to pull into a parking space at work, and knit a couple rounds before getting out of the car.  It gives me time to decompress from LA traffic and reset my brain to concentration mode.  I might also knit a row or two after leaving work and before I brave the freeways for the trip home.  This is also my prime podcast listening time, too.
  • While waiting for people, in waiting rooms, in line. – Some people use the time to read the internet or check Facebook, I knit.  I always have a small project bag and my Kindle in my bag just in case I am suddenly free for five minutes.  It doesn’t seem like much, but I can probably get two or three rounds of a sock done in that time.  Add that up over the course of a week, and you have yourself a half of a sock, my friend.
  • While watching TV – I don’t ever just sit down and watch TV.  If I am watching TV, I am doing something else at the same time.  Sometimes I am perusing the internet, but usually I am knitting.
  • Scheduled time – I actually schedule time to be crafty.  Typically on a weekend.  Sometimes with friends but often alone.  I am an introvert, so a little me time is important to me in order to recharge.  I also try to do at least 30 minutes each night before bed.  Something just for me.  Self care is important.

Some people I know happen to also be able to knit while at work when on conference calls and the like, but I am pretty sure my boss expects me to either pay attention or to do other work if I can multitask, so your mileage may vary on that one.  🙂

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