Stash Enhancement Saturday: Little Shop of Clays

New items have arrived in the mail!  I may have a bit of a stitch marker problem.  I just can’t help it, they are so cute!  And I do use a lot of them, but I admit I have more than I could ever use at once.  (Let’s not even talk about the project bag habit.)

While browsing Etsy one day I came across Little Shop of Clays.  There were so many adorable sets I had a hard time narrowing my purchase down, but I finally settled on a breakfast set (seriously, the bacon!) and a cupcake set.



Very nicely made, I think the quality is quite nice.  They feel sturdy and I am not worried about them coming apart while I use them.  The rings are large enough to fit over needles from small to mid-size.  The pictures are on a US 6, for reference.  I also feel like they were very reasonably priced compared to other clay stitch markers I have shopped for online.

Shipping was a little longer than I expected, but that it totally my own fault.  I didn’t realize the shop was not US based.  There was also a signature required for delivery, which means I missed the delivery when I was at the 9-5 gig and had to make a trip to the post office on my next day off to pick them up.

Definitely check out her shop if you are into unique stitch markers.  The shipping wait is totally worth the value!

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