Tip Tuesday: Crafting on a Deadline

In general, deadlines aren’t something I enjoy.  While it can push me to be productive, it also sucks the fun out of doing crafty things for me.   Sometimes it is unavoidable, though, so this is how I deal with the deadline blues.

  1.  Count backwards.  How many days do I have to finish said item?
  2.  Do math.  If I have to finish X steps or Y rows, how many do I need to do per day in order to finish on time?
  3. Ignore project.  Usually for about half the time I have to finish it.  Oops.
  4. Do math again.
  5. Force myself to do the required portion per day.  Then I can put the project down and go work on whatever it is that I would be more fun.  This is admittedly crazy, as without the deadline, I probably would have enjoyed the project just fine.
  6. Panic.  As the due date gets closer, worry I won’t be done in time.
  7. Shop.  Let’s face it, I am not meeting the deadline.  Time to buy a back up gift.

The moral of the story here is to just not commit to any deadlines.  🙂  But if you must, follow steps one, two and five to completion.

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