Stash Enhancement Saturday: Washi Storage

I have been in search for the best way to store my washi for awhile.  I’ve tried tape dispensers of all shapes, throwing them all in a bowl or a box, and just leaving them in the packages they come in.  Nothing was really working for me.  And then  I saw a genius idea in a planner group on Facebook.  I tried to search the interwebs to figure out who is the originator of this idea, but came up empty handed.  If this was your idea, please let me know so that I can give you proper credit!

The answer to your washi storage conundrum is eyeglass storage.  Specifically, this clear box of drawers.


I snagged mine off of Zulily, but I am pretty sure you can get them on Amazon and at Wal-mart, too.  You may ask yourself, “self, how on earth is this going to help me with washi?”  Well, it turns out that the dividers are the perfect size for keeping rolls in a standing up position, all in a little line.  Behold the magnificence!


I love that you can see through the box and into the drawers.  You can also take the drawers completely out if you want to take one drawer to another room, as an example.


It keeps them tidy, and you’d be surprised at how much one little cube holds.  I purchased two because I wasn’t sure how much washi I even really owned, and it turns out I didn’t even fill one up.  I guess I will use the second to actually hold my glasses.

The only real downside is that this type of storage solution takes up real estate on a table or bookshelf, so if you are crunched for space this might not work for you.  It is also fairly lightweight, so be careful to not accidentally knock it off of the table, as I suspect it would break if it hit the floor.



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