Stash Enhancement Saturday…on a Sunday!

I’ve been MIA because I was on vacation again.  I had family from out of state staying with me, and so they had my full attention until I went back to work.  I finally have a little breathing room now that I have caught up on work that I get to have fun with crafty stuff again.

I seem to collect project bags.  Now, I do have a lot of WIPs that need a home, so it started out fairly innocently.  But then once I bought a few, I kept finding cute ones with patterns I adore, and I ended up buying more and more.  Now I have a big stack of empty bags, so I really don’t need another…but when you find one with your local baseball team on it, you better believe you snatch it up!


Slipped Stitch Studios is having a trunk show at my local yarn shop, and when I saw the picture of the bags pop up in my Facebook feed, I almost scrolled right by it until I just happened to notice the Angels print.  So I got in my car and went shopping, pronto.  (For the record, there was also a Dodgers print in the picture.  I chose to ignore it because we don’t bleed blue in my house, but it’s there if you are a fan of THAT team, too.)

I probably have a half dozen or so bags from Slipped Stitch Studios.  The quality can’t be beat.  They are well made, and they stand up to a lot of abuse.  I still have the first one I bought several years ago that has been thrown in and out of tote bags, fallen into water, and carried around by a dog.  Throw it in the wash, and it still looks like new.


The handle is the perfect size to slip over your wrist in case you are knitting while walking or standing in line, so your hands are free to actually knit without worrying about dropping anything.  There are also pockets on the inside of the bag, which I use to hold all kinds of little tools like measuring tape or stitch markers.  The bags come in a variety of sizes, so take some time to peruse the website linked above when you have some time.


I don’t really have any cons to this bag.  I keep buying from this company because I love their products.



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