Stash Enhancement Saturday: Burning Impressions 2 Sock Blockers

As you may have noticed from pictures of my finished sock projects, I have big, Fred Flintsone sized feet.  Despite already owning sock blockers in a Large size, my socks still look kind of loose on them, so I knew it was time to size up to the XL sized blockers.

Luckily, you can buy ANYTHING on Etsy, so off I went to peruse my options.  I found some wood blockers, which are my preferred style, from a shop called Burning Impression 2.  My favorite thing about this shop is that they will try to customize the design by request.  Even though they didn’t have examples of what I wanted, I asked they try to add the sausages to mine, which they were happy to do.

Behold, the sausage dog themed sock blocker!


For having to make up a design, I thought they did a really good job with it.  They are sturdy and well made, and these will last me for years to come.  They were reasonably priced compared to other wood blockers that I have found while shopping, with the pair coming in at just under $25.  I think the dogs are cute, too!


I do have a couple of warnings, though.  They aren’t really cons, they are more things I wish I had known when I placed the order.  These are 100% my own fault for not reading the description carefully.

  1.  Custom wood blockers take a long time to ship.  I ordered these at the end of May, and they were delivered the first week of August.  Look at the ship times carefully.
  2. The design is burned into the wood, it isn’t a cutout.  You would think the name of the store would have given that away, but apparently I am not that observant.

So overall, if you need some wood sock blockers and are tired of the same old sheep, give them a try!  Just be sure that you can wait for the delivery time.

Now I just need to finish some socks so that I can put them to use.


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