Stash Enhancement Saturday: Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton

My yarn purchasing has been a bit slow lately, mostly because my knitting has been slow.  My wallet enjoyed the break, I am sure.  I need to start the holiday gift making, though, or else I am going to end up with no gifts to give. Therefore, right after Ravellenics is over, I am going to make some quick and easy washcloth sets.

I’ve mentioned on the blog before that I really like the Kris Knits collections and the Spa Day Facecloth by Anne Machine.   My yarn of choice for the Spa Day Facecloth has always been Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton.  It knits up so beautifully and makes for a luxurious and soft cloth.  For the Kris Knits collections, though, I’ve been looking for something that might show a bit more stitch definition.  After trying a variety of cotton yarns out, I am giving up.  There is simply nothing that measures up to the Cascade.  So I ordered a bunch of bright colors so that I can make the Summer Cloths and Beach Cloths collections, and the package came in a couple days ago.

I love the colors, and I am sure the picture doesn’t do them justice.  It is like a rainbow of happiness.


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