Sock Progress Sunday: Chargers Socks Update

When I first heard football was coming back to Los Angeles, I was excited.  We haven’t had a local football team to the LA area for a good couple decades.  As a Chargers fan living in the southern part of Orange County, I could easily go to games but I know that my northern county and LA friends weren’t so lucky.  The Rams were a great choice to come back to the area, and of all the scenarios for teams in LA, they were my top choice.

That is, until today.  It turns out that with the Rams in town, my local CBS television station opted to not show the Chargers game today in the LA market.  It would have directly competed with the Rams game on the local Fox network.  I was not pleased.  Also not pleasing was the fact that as a cable customer, NFL Sunday ticket was not available to me.  This means I only got to see snippets of the Chargers game on the NFL RedZone.

However, it did seem to give me plenty of time for knitting.  I turned the heel on sock number one of my Chargers socks.



I am not sure if I will get much knitting in this week due to work, but I would love to finish sock one so that I can start sock two next weekend during next week’s game.

Not to be discouraged, the sausages still got their game gear on and were ready for some football!




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