Stash Enhancement Saturday: Sucre Sucre Miniatures

My obsession with tiny food miniature stitch markers continues.  I had seen various pictures on Instagram of the amazing work from Sucre Sucre Miniatures, but only recently purchased my first two to check them out on my own.  I am so glad I did because they are totally adorable!

I chose the taco and burrito charms for my entry to the brand, and I cannot believe how detailed they are.  My pictures surely will not do them justice.


Many of the products are available as jewelry pieces in addition to the charms.  I chose to order charms with clasps so that I could use them as stitch markers in my knitting, but I could easily see them as pendants or even funky earrings if you wanted to accessorize for Taco Tuesday. When browsing the site, if you see a particular charm you would like, I would suggest ordering it right away, as some charms do get retired or sell out.

Due to the lobster claw clasp, I recommend using them as a stitch marker directly on your needles for only smaller sized needles.  Here they are pictured on a US4 needle.  As you can see, there is going to reach a point where they are no longer going to slide comfortably.


What I will most likely use them for is as a locking stitch marker directly on fabric.  I’ll do this if I have to keep track of a front or back side, if I want to measure progress during a particular knitting session, or if I want to mark a particular spot in the fabric for increases/decreases.

If you use them in this fashion, then be careful when you insert or remove them from your stitches.  I did find the lobster claw clasp got caught a few times in the surrounding stitches as I was putting them in and taking them out, but I am also fairly clumsy so that could be operator error.

Overall, I really like them.  I have purchased clay stitch markers from a variety of sources over the last few years, and these are by far the most detailed and accurate of any I have come across.  The taco shell literally looks like it just came out of the fryer, and there are grill marks on the burrito even.  I’ll definitely be going back to purchase more!


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