Tip Tuesday: Let Etsy Coordinate Fabrics For You

Now that I am obsessed with learning to sew, I’ve been shopping for fabric.  I tried to wander the aisles of Jo-Ann over the weekend to pick up some fabric I needed for one of my first projects, but there are so many aisles of fabric it quickly became overwhelming for me.  I just don’t know enough yet to make good choices and match things up on my own.  Coincidentally, I also happened to come across this Gilmore Girls Project Bag on Etsy, which I ordered the second I saw it.

I was fascinated by the fact that Gilmore Girls fabric existed, and promptly tried to find some.  My search led me right back to Etsy, and specifically to aprilcobbdesigns.  And this is when my fabric shopping world changed forever because I discovered you can buy fabric on Etsy!

I have since ordered fabric from somewhere around a dozen shops, but one of my favorites by far is StitchStashDiva.  Since one of the things I want to learn  how to sew are project bags, their fat quarter bundles are right up my alley.  How cute is this set for the sausages?!  Or this set that is Paris themed?!

So today’s tip is to check out Etsy for fabric combinations already bundled for you.  It sure beats the savages fighting over bolts in the aisle at Jo-Ann!

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