Stash Enhancement Saturday: Crafty Christmas Gifts

As usual, my friends rocked the mic when it came to super thoughtful gifts for me.  They seemed to cover all the things I love – food (restaurant gift certificates, chocolate), relaxation (spa gift certificates), and crafty goodies like these below.  If I don’t mention it often enough, I love my friends!

First up, this super cute yarn bowl by Glazed & Confused in Fallbrook, CA. The design reminds me of the Baa-ble Hat.



I tried to track down a website so that anyone interested could check out their products and buy their own, but they oddly don’t seem to have a presence on the web that I could find.  I love the whimsical design and it seems to be a nice, sturdy bowl.  I have another yarn bowl that is also nice but about a month after purchasing it, it happened to fall off my coffee table and broke into two pieces where the dip in the bowl to thread your yarn resides.  It was fixable with a little super glue so it still works fine, but what I like about this new Glazed & Confused bowl is that the same dip in the bowl appears to be a bit less delicate and therefore less likely to break should it get bumped.

It is also a pretty nice size.  The yarn sitting in it is a full 256 yard skein of a DK weight yarn, specifically SweetGeorgia Yarns Superwash DK in Pumpkin.  Even with the full skein, there is plenty of room inside for the ball to roll around nicely and I had no problem tucking the WIP inside with it.  (The WIP is the Folkston hat by Susan Mills.)

My other favorite craft gift was this collection of sewing patterns that a friend gave me from Simplicity.  I am still a very, very green beginner sewist, so these simple patterns will be great practice for me.  I love how thoughtful the person was, as the patterns were for things I would actually use.  Check out the one  in the bottom left of the picture that is specifically for knitting accessories!


I am finishing up a sewing project that I am in the middle of, which I will hopefully post soon, and then I will probably dig into that Sewing Patterns for Dummies pack.  I don’t actually know  how to use patterns, yet, but it will be a good learning experience.   Seems like the Dummies part of that title is appropriate.  🙂

The end of the year did not lend itself well to taking time out for creativity, but I expect 2017 to be better in that regard.  I at least have this long weekend to get a little crafting in!

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