Happy New Year! Let’s Set Some 2017 Goals

I spent New Year’s Eve the same way I do every year lately – celebrating when the east cost ball drops and then going to bed at a reasonable west coast hour like most boring, old ladies.  😀  I know how to party.

Leading up to the change on the calendar, discussion often turns to resolutions or goals for the new year.  I am not a big resolutions kind of girl, and I typically go the choose one word to focus on route. Sure, I’ll make some general goals –  like learn something new – but I am not setting out to completely overhaul my life on the first of every year.  Self-actualization is an ongoing process for me with constant improvement efforts underway.  The date on the calendar is irrelevant.  This year, though, I was asked so many times about a goal that I stole something I saw posted in a Facebook group as my answer – “Do EPIC Shit.”  Maybe my one word should be EPIC.

Now, let’s not get all crazy.  My boring old lady version of do epic shit is probably not going to be the same as others.  For me, it will probably mean read a lot of books, make a lot of crafty crap, and take a couple of vacations…but in my world, that will still be epic!  I am very easily amused and entertained.

For my hobbies, I do have a list of things I want to do, but I am not sure if I would call them goals because I do not sweat it if I do not do everything on the list.  Let’s call it a road map or to do list for the year, merely called out to help me make plans when I am looking for classes to sign up for and to remember that I wanted to do these things at this point.


  • Read ~42 books this year.  Yes, I realize this seems pretty concrete, but goodreads makes you pick an actual number.  I read 37 last year, so I figured I’d stretch a bit and read a few more.


  • Knock off another 48 or so historical landmarks.  This is one a week, or four a month, so if I actually leave my house with my camera I should  be able to hit it pretty easily.  (Have no idea what this is?  Check out the Landmark Project under the Photography header.)


  • Learn how to seam pieces.  This will help me with the afghan squares and sweaters I have on the needles.
  • Learn two at a time socks.  I am a magic loop kind of girl, but maybe knitting two socks at at time will make them go faster.
  • Finish up the Down Cellar Studio Pigskin Party KAL.  We are in the final stretch and I just need to finish a couple more projects before the Super Bowl to up my point total.
  • Speaking of the Down Cellar Studio podcast, they started another KAL called WIP 2017 in the Butt.  I have 15 different projects on my needles right now, so this seems like a good KAL to join so that I can cut that number down quite a bit.


  • Make some flannel PJ pants.  (I already have the fabric, I just need to do it once I finish my current project.)
  • Learn how to install zippers.  I really want to make some knitting project bags and reusable snack bags for my lunch.
  • Try to finish one project a month or so, just so that I can continue to improve my skills.


  • Actually finish my Pretty Little Italy project that I started ages ago.

Paper Crafts

  • Improve my creative lettering skills.  I actually already signed up for a class that starts on January 2nd.

I’d also like to maybe find one other thing to learn that is new to me.  Last year it was sewing, but I don’t have a new thing lined up yet for 2017.

I think that’s it.  Seeing it all written out makes it look pretty daunting, but remember, this is just a road map and not something to stress out about. No pressure with these as crafty time is supposed to be fun.


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