Roadside Oddities: World’s Biggest Dinosaurs

One of the things I love the most about road trips is taking in the scenery.  Once you get outside of city limits, the wide open spaces can be mesmerizing and it becomes a peaceful respite where you can be alone with your thoughts.  That is, right up until you see the sign for the World’s Biggest Dinosaurs, in which case you become a little girl, squeal with delight and immediately pull off of the freeway in the middle of nowhere to check them out!


I am a sucker for anything that claims it is the world’s most anything, and these dinosaurs did not disappoint!  They have all the hallmarks of a roadside oddity – they are huge, they are a bit worn down, they are in the middle of nowhere, and the are cheesy as hell.  But that is what makes them fascinating to me.


This picture isn’t so great, but I included it for scale so that you can see how big they are in relation to the girl running underneath the one towards the front.


The T-Rex, creatively named Mr. Rex, was my favorite, and at night, his eye glows and you can see off of the highway.  Yes, the dinosaurs  have names.  Isn’t it fabulous?!


This little guy, Dinny the 150 ton Apato, looks a little sad, no?  I love that they have stairs and you can walk up inside of them.

The small attraction includes a robotic dinosaur, a dinosaur ride for the kids, and a dinosaur garden.  If you find yourself traveling along Interstate 10 outside of Cabazon, California, I highly recommend a stop to check them out.



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