Roadside Oddities: Bedrock City

One of my favorite childhood memories involves a family road trip that had a stop at the Grand Canyon.  You would think that I would remember the Grand Canyon’s majestic scenery as the highlight, but you’d be wrong.  Oh how wrong!  What do I remember the most?  Bedrock City, a roadside attraction near the Grand Canyon that recreates the world of the Flintstones!

About a year ago, I made a trip out to relive this childhood memory with my nephews.  Bedrock has seen better days.  It needs some tender love and care, maybe a paint job, but it is just as magical as it always was.

If you are ever in Arizona, I highly recommend a stop in to see what Fred, Wilma, Barney and the rest of the gang are doing!


3 thoughts on “Roadside Oddities: Bedrock City

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