Party Idea: Wood Block Set

I love planning parties, and baby showers are some of the most enjoyable to plan for me.  Everyone is always in a good mood, the atmosphere is always positive, and it is super fun to shop for the kiddos.  When planning showers, I always try to make at least one activity interactive so that the mom-to-be walks away with a completely unique gift.  I’ve done scrapbooks and onesies parties, but today I did one where we made a wood block set for the baby.


Wood block sets are easy to make.  You can purchase blank blocks of wood in various sizes at any Michaels in the wood section.  For today’s party we opted to decorate with Sharpie permanent markers, but you could just as easily use Mod Podge to adhere paper or fabric to your blocks.

We let party guests choose which letters they wanted to make, and kept track on a piece of paper to ensure we had a whole set by the end of the party so that we didn’t end up with 5 letter R and no letter Z blocks.  The only rule was that the block had to have an upper and lower case letter.  Any other decorations were up to the designer of the block.

It’s a cute, inexpensive idea that was a big hit with both party guests and the new mother!


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