Do EPIC Sh*t Road Trip / Route 66 – Missouri and Kansas

The next stretch of Route 66 I traveled down was Missouri and Kansas.  I am including Kansas in this post because there are only 13 miles of Route 66 that cut across a tiny corner, and I drove it the same day I was driving through Missouri.  That little 13 miles has a lot of […]

Do EPIC Sh*t Road Trip / Roadside Oddities: The World’s Largest Wooden Nickel

I am starting to become suspicious.  I stop at these roadside attractions and believe them every time a banner declares it to be “the world’s largest!”  Then I sit down to write these blog posts, do a little googling, and find other similar objects that also claim to be the world’s largest.  So which one […]

Do EPIC Sh*t Road Trip / Roadside Oddities: The World’s Largest Ball of Stamps

Continuing along on my epic road trip leading to my next big stop of Chicago, I decided to take a slight detour over to see the World’s Largest Ball of Stamps.  I have a couple of cherished friends that still send me cards and postcards in the mail, and one of these friends loves stamps.  […]

Do EPIC Sh*t Road Trip / Roadside Oddities: Sapp Bros Coffee Pot

Along I-80 in Omaha, Nebraska, you will find just one of the many Sapp Bros Travel Centers, which is a fancy name for a truck stop.  The one in Omaha was the first, built in 1971, and the 110 foot water tower had a spout and handle added to advertise the stop.  Rumor has it, […]

Do EPIC Sh*t Road Trip / Roadside Oddities: Pioneer Pete the Rooster

In Lincoln, Nebraska, Lee’s Restaurant has been serving up chicken since 1945.  I don’t know if the draw to the restaurant is actually the fried chicken, the live piano player that takes requests, or the roadside giant of a giant rooster that stands outside of the restaurant is the draw, but I personally think the […]

Do EPIC Sh*t Road Trip / Roadside Oddities: World’s Largest Covered Wagon

I mean, I think it is the World’s Largest Covered Wagon.  When I came across the listing on it says it is the World’s Largest Covered Wagon, and if it is on the internet it must be true.  But Google seems to say there is another wagon in the Guinness Book of World Records, […]

Do EPIC Sh*t Road Trip / Roadside Oddities: Carhenge

When I first started planning this trip, I struggled with what to do between my visit to South Dakota and the goal of getting to Chicago to start the Route 66 portion of the vacation.  As I was doing research into where I might want to stop in Nebraska, I came across the existence of […]

Do EPIC Sh*t Road Trip / Roadside Oddities: Bedrock City, South Dakota

If you are a frequent reader of this blog, or know me personally, then you know how much I love Bedrock City in Arizona.  It brings back warm and fuzzy feelings from my childhood, and so I couldn’t wait to visit the Bedrock City in South Dakota so that I could compare the two.  Unfortunately, […]

Do EPIC Sh*t Road Trip: Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore

After leaving Arches, I made my way over to Denver for the night.  Given my recent snow adventure, you can imagine how excited I was to drive over Vail pass a day after the first blizzard of the season hit. I held my breath, gripped the steering wheel, and made it over the mountain, but […]