Do EPIC Sh*t Road Trip / Roadside Oddities: Seven Magic Mountains

I started an epic road trip a few days ago.  One of my bucket list items has always been to drive Route 66 from tip to tip and I finally decided to just do it.  Apparently it costs a lot of money to rent a car one way, though, which I found out once I started making plans.  No problem, I’ll just drive to Chicago, too, I thought.  After all, this is my year to “Do EPIC shit” and all.   Hahahahahahaha!  Who in their right mind decides to just randomly take a 5,000 mile road trip?  I did.  And then, because that wasn’t impulsive enough, I went out and bought a convertible because I thought it would be more fun that way.  I’m calling it the #doEPICshitroadtrip.

I am currently on day 7 of this trip, and I have already learned a lot about myself.  Should make for some interesting tales to go along with the massive number of photography related posts coming up.

My first stop on this wild vacation was in Jean, Nevada, where a temporary art installation called the Seven Magic Mountains resides, just outside the Las Vegas strip.  Created by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, it consists of seven 30 to 35 feet tall stacks of boulders painted day glow bright.


Since it is only up for two years, I figured I better stop while I still had the chance.

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