Do EPIC Sh*t Road Trip / Roadside Oddities: Sapp Bros Coffee Pot

Along I-80 in Omaha, Nebraska, you will find just one of the many Sapp Bros Travel Centers, which is a fancy name for a truck stop.  The one in Omaha was the first, built in 1971, and the 110 foot water tower had a spout and handle added to advertise the stop.  Rumor has it, sometimes the percolator on top lights up and steam comes out of the spout.  I didn’t actually witness that, but made a stop to check out the famous water tower just the same.


While searching for the link to include in this post, I read a little about the Sapp Bros, and it turns out they are a Christian values based company that uses their faith as a guide for company decision making.  This includes incorporating chapels at some of their travel centers.  It really never occurred to me, given that I am not religious, that people on the road might find a benefit of knowing where to find a chapel, but now that I know they exist, I thought it was pretty cool.

The coffee pot has become a popular roadside attraction and photo opportunity for travelers.

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