Do EPIC Sh*t Road Trip / Route 66 – Missouri and Kansas

The next stretch of Route 66 I traveled down was Missouri and Kansas.  I am including Kansas in this post because there are only 13 miles of Route 66 that cut across a tiny corner, and I drove it the same day I was driving through Missouri.  That little 13 miles has a lot of heart, though, and I think it might be my favorite stretch.

I am getting ahead of myself, though, so let’s talk Missouri!  First, I slept in a hotel that gave me this amazing view of the Gateway Arch!  I took other pictures of the arch, but if I am being honest, none of them are as good as this one, taken through a window of my room, with my phone, in the rain, at night.


I also managed to snag a Turtle Concrete from Ted Drewes for dinner, but since it was still heavily raining, none of the pictures are worth posting.  Luckily, the next morning the sun came out and my drive through Missouri was able to stay on course without having to make any detours.

Gas stations were once again a popular theme.  This one, attached to the Wagon Wheel Motel, is incredibly well taken care of and is a popular photo stop.


True gas station aficionados (that can be a thing, right?) probably are much more interested in Bob’s Gasoline Alley, though.  It’s a mix of all kinds of brands and keepsakes from gas stations of yore.

Missouri has plenty of non-gas station sights, too.  Like what used to be the World’s Largest Rocking Chair (now number 2) and Devil’s Elbow Bridge.IMG_4306


The crown jewel of Missouri, if you ask me, is Uranus.  Not only do you get to stop in the saloon, the burlesque parlor, and the Uranus Fudge Factory (where the gift box actually says the best fudge comes from Uranus), but there is a “zoo” where you can put your head in painted cut outs of animals for pictures.  And your head goes right in the caboose of the animal.  Classy.

After driving through the Ozarks, Kansas came into view.  Kansas has a great example of one of my favorite things on the route — faded ghost signs of past advertisements.  This wall in Galena, KS was one of the best.


Baxter Springs, KS also has one of the best preserved gas stations on the route.


Next post will be the trek across Oklahoma.



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