Do EPIC Sh*t Road Trip / Route 66: Texas

Route 66 only crosses a small portion of Texas, but that section has a couple of very important stops.  The U-Drop Inn and Tower Station is a much photographed stop along the route, and I have to be honest, I can’t figure out why.  Sure, the pun is funny, but in terms of architecture or history, there are definitely other spots along the route that were more interesting to me.  Nevertheless, I stopped, because that is just what you do.




Texas is also the home of The Big Texan, a restaurant known for offering a free 72 oz steak if you can finish it within an hour.  There are serious rules – so serious they have a page of their website dedicated to them.   I didn’t bother to stop and accept the challenge, but the parking lot was full so others must have.

.The main thing I wanted to see In Texas was Cadillac Ranch.  I am normally a very conscientious, rule abiding citizen, but something about those Cadillacs awoke my inner tagger, and I had to leave my mark.  I set out early in the morning, paint pens in hand, and made my way out to the cars.  First, I passed some bugs at the VW Slug Bug Ranch, which seems to have no purpose other than to try to gain some attention and some of the fame that might rub off from the larger Cadillac Ranch.


Also at the entrance to the road down to the Cadillacs was another giant muffler man, this one in the shape of a cowboy and with a political statement included.  A little disappointed they took the concept of roadside kitsch to the political arena, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Texas is very much Texas.


When I finally got out to the Cadillacs, I realized I hadn’t prepared as much as I thought.  First of all, the cars are eroded, so there wasn’t really a flat surface to write on.  I guess that is why people use spray paint more often.  Second, I had no idea what to draw.  The only thing I could come up with was the old stand by graffiti of our youth.



After committing my crime, I decided to get out of town before the police caught up with me, so I headed on over to Adrian, Texas.  Adrian is home to the midpoint!  Half way between Chicago and Los Angeles on the route, and they let you know when you cross the exact point in the middle.

I think Texas takes quite a bit of pride in their little stretch of the Mother Road.  I randomly came across this truck on the Route.


I also made a stop at the Bent Door.  Over the years there have been reports that the Bent Door was going to reopen as a diner, but when I stopped in it did not appear to be in operating condition.  I hope someone restores it, as the road seems to becoming more and more abandoned, and I hope more preservation occurs so that generations to come can enjoy it.



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