Do EPIC Sh*t Road Trip / Route 66: Arizona and California

I made it to the final stretch home!  By this time on vacation, I was pooped.  I had been on the road for coming up on three weeks, I missed my dogs, I missed my own bed, and I was tired of eating while driving.  But there were a couple of stops still on my must do list for this vacation, and the first one was I had to sleep in the Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, AZ.

You hear about the Wigwam Villages that were strewn across the country in days past, but with only three left, when you have the opportunity to sleep in one, you have to do it, right?  There is actually one near me in California, but for some reason I really wanted to sleep in the Arizona location.  Which was dumb as a single girl on the road, because I was pretty sure I was going to die once I checked in, lol.  You know the part of the movie where the killer takes his first victim that is an unsuspecting girl doing something dumb?  It could have been this night in the Wigwam.  Holbrook is a tiny, tiny town.  The Wigwam backs up to some railroad tracks behind it, and there are old cars parked in front of each of the rooms – WITH BUSTED OUT WINDOWS AND RUST ALL OVER THEM.  No worries, I thought, it’s just for old timey show.  But then I checked into my room, and the only lock on the door is the turn handle.  No deadbolt or chain to be seen.  I sat there on my bed wondering what to do, and then made it worse because I looked out my window behind the curtain, and the window was cracked.  Sigh.

I seriously thought about just forgetting the money I spent and driving the 90 minutes into Flagstaff for the night, but I felt like a quitter.  I am supposed to be a strong, independent woman, right?  So instead I just laid on the bed, not really sleeping, and looking out the window every couple hours to make sure my car was still there.   I survived!  But I was also up and dressed and back on the road by about 6 in the morning.  Take my advice and stay in the one in California.

This was my room.


Examples of the old timey cars parked by the rooms.


The rest of Arizona had some good sights, too.  There was Winslow, AZ, where you can find some peeps just standing on the corner of Winslow.  The town of Seligman takes decorating their strip of Route 66 very seriously.  And of course, there is the remnants of the Twin Arrows Trading post, which has been photographed along the Route many times.  I particularly liked Giganticus Headicus, which serves no real purposes other than making me laugh.


My favorite Arizona sight was the Lumberjack muffler man, currently sitting on the campus of Northern Arizona State University, where my oldest nephew wants to attend starting in the fall of 2018.


The one place I did not spend anytime is Oatman, AZ, which is my favorite little ghost town on the route.  Since my family lives about a half hour from there, and as a result I go there often, I chose to spend the time I had during the Arizona leg to see things that were new to me.

After picking up my dogs and spending a couple night at my mom’s, I embarked on the final stretch home.  I have driven the California portion of Route 66 many times, and there were a few chunks of the road that were closed, so I didn’t take a lot of pics.  I did hit a few big landmarks, including the much safer Rialto Wigwam Village and Roy’s, but once I got back into LA, I drove to Santa Monica to say I hit the end and then quickly came home to my nice, soft, fluffy bed.  As a result, California gets the short end of the stick on the blog, but when you live somewhere the allure just isn’t the same.


It’s taken me a few weeks to get all the pics posted on here, and I have to be honest, I am still pretty tired.  While it was indeed an epic road trip, it was exhausting.  I don’t think three weeks was enough time.  Maybe three weeks would have been okay for just the Route 66 drive, but adding on the drive to Chicago to start was a bit more than I should have probably planned.  I am glad I did it, though, and the memories will last a lifetime!

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