Do EPIC Sh*t Road Trip / Route 66: New Mexico

The very first thing I did when I crossed over into New Mexico was stop for Mexican food.  When you are a SoCal girl and have been on the road for more than two weeks, you need some tacos!  Once tacos were in my belly, my day instantly improved.

I timed my Route 66 trip specifically so that I passed through Albuquerque during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.  The balloon fiesta has been on my bucket list for years, so I was fairly singularly focused on the New Mexico route.  It is AMAZING to stand on the field and watch all of the balloons go up around you during a mass ascension.  I tried to get picks with the sky full of balloons, but it was difficult to fit many balloons in a frame given where I was on the ground.



You will just have to trust me that it takes your breath away.  I did, however, get amazing pictures of individual balloons.  These were some of my favorites:

New Mexico, of course, does have other Route 66 stops.  Most are old (and culturally inappropriate) buildings shaped as teepees and sombreros.  You also pass the Continental Divide, which I was surprised was marked merely by a sign.   Unfortunately, New Mexico is also where my pretty new car had a rock hit the windshield, which left an ugly mark that resulted in me having to replace the windshield once I got home.  I didn’t sweat it too much, that is what insurance is for, after all.



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