FO Friday: P*ssy Hat

I know it seems like I actually haven’t posted a finished object in a long time, because well…I haven’t posted a finished object in a really long time.  My life was a bit unmanageable there for a bit with work and school and other obligations, but I am happy to announce that I actually finished something!  It’s my first finished object since the end of 2016, actually.

A friend expressed some interest in a Pussy Hat and I was happy to make one for him.  I started this project in mid-2017.  It has just taken me this long to find time to finish it.  The pattern is the Easy Pussy Hat by Elizabeth Morrison.  It was, in fact, easy to make, plus I had the added benefit of learning the three needle bind off, which was new to me.  I suspect this bind off will come in handy in future projects.  I made this with Hazel Knits Tempo in the Cabbage Rose colorway using US6 and US8 needles.


I have so many WIPs on the needles, I am hoping I have found a little of my knitting mojo again and will be back with more finished objects soon.  (I don’t finish grad school until April, though, so keep your expectations low.)

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