Stash Enhancement Saturday: Oh Hello Stationery Co Greeting Card Subscription

I was vaguely aware of Oh Hello Stationery Co from the planner community.  When you are a decorative planner, you eventually hear about all the sticker makers. In addition to stickers, they carry a variety of stationery and home goods products, but it wasn’t until I randomly saw some of their greeting cards that I became intrigued.  Peeps…their cards are cute!  I mean, look at these!


Also, true story, I bought the tent card below despite not being in a relationship right now.  I am going to hang on to it until I decide I do indeed love my next boyfriend so much it is in tents.


That’s going to have to be a lot of love, because I don’t camp.  😉

The only problem is that I don’t ever write anyone.  I pretty much only use the post office to send gift packages to people.  I do have a couple friends that still send me cards in the mail, and I admit that I like getting them.  It’s nice to go to the mailbox and have something other than junk mail or bills in there, plus I like that my friends think about me often enough to jot some thoughts down and throw it in the mail.

How crazy would it be to start sending cards to people again just specifically so that I have a reason to buy the cards?  Because that is what I did.  These cards were calling my name! Plus, maybe they will help me actually be a better friend, too.

I ordered some cards a la carte, but I knew I needed more of these cards in my life.  Lucky for me, they have a subscription service and for only $8.95 a month you get five cards delivered right to your house.  The cards come with a variety of themes including cards with no specific theme that you can use for any occasion.  They are all blank on the inside, so you can write anything you would like.  The cards are made from thick cardstock, and so far none of the pens I have used (mostly felt tip fineliners and ballpoint pens) bleed through or even shadow.  Envelopes for the cards are included.

Here is an example of a set I received one month in the subscription.


So if you like cute cards, check them out!  Five cards for under ten bucks is a bargain – can you even buy two for that price at the local drugstore these days?

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