Roadside Oddities: World’s Largest Paper Cup

Several months ago I took a road trip to Palm Springs.  Like I do for all drives, I did a little search to find any interesting stops along the way that might be interesting.  Having made the drive several times in the past, I had low expectations of finding anything new to me, but little did I know that I would find thrills and excitement right in the county next to mine!  And by thrills and excitement,  I mean a roadside attraction with dubious claims.

According to Roadside America, Riverside, CA is home to the World’s Largest Paper Cup!  As you can imagine, I was bubbling with anticipation.   Do I stop on my way out, getting the highlight of my trip out of the way and risk the rest of the trip being a let down, never being able to measure up to the cup’s magnificence?  Or do I wait and stop on my way home, savoring the anticipation and hitting the pinnacle of sightseeing when my trip is almost over? Decisions, decisions!

With this kind of build up, imagine my surprise when I roll on up to this stop only to discover the cup isn’t paper at all!  What kind of false advertising is this?!  I was staring at a cup, for sure, but it was a concrete cup.  I felt violated by inaccurate descriptions.  Alas, I took a picture anyway,  but my disappointment has led me to letting this post languish for months.  Behold!  It is the World’s Largest Paper…err….Concrete Cup!





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