Stash Enhancement Saturday: Simply Gilded Subscription Box

Like a lot of paper crafters,  I hoard washi tape. I say hoard instead of use, because let’s be honest, how many rolls have I actually completely used?  One, maybe two?  That doesn’t really stop me from accumulating more, though.

After years of consuming various brands, I have found that I have some preferences that I am no longer willing to overlook.  For one, smell is important.   I am not sure what chemical reaction occurs in some washi packaging, but if I open the tube and it reeks worse than sweaty gym socks,  I’m out.  Then there is the tape that rips and tears when you try to roll it out.  Again,  no thank you.  What I am saying here is that I am a washi connoisseur.  Or just a crafty girl that knows what she doesn’t like.  One of those two things.

At some point,  I received some Simply Gilded washi in event swag.  I had heard of the demand on the resell market for SG washi, but honestly, while the washi is nice, I do not understand the people that spend hundreds of dollars on a roll.  I could buy another pair of Tieks for a couple hundred dollars!  It also appears to be scarce given the demand, which is why I enrolled in the subscription service Simply Gilded offers. High quality washi delivered right to my door every month without the headaches and for a pretty reasonable price considering all that comes in the sub!  For $29 a month at the time of this post, the box includes 5 coordinated rolls plus extras such as TN inserts, planner stickers and other assorted goodies.

I waited a couple of months to do my review because I wanted to see how consistently I enjoyed the boxes.  The first one received was a peach themed kit.  The colors were pretty, and I thought the extras were nice, too.


In addition to the washi, the box had some cute paperclips, a pen, a bow, a TN insert, stickers, and a journal card.  Given 5 rolls of washi can easily add up to $20 on their own, the price point seemed quite reasonable.   Pictures of washi in their rolls can never do them justice, but here is a close up of them.


Here are some close ups of the other items, too.

This month the theme was lavender,  and I love the aesthetic.


The extras in this box included the usual TN insert and stickers, plus another bow, a zippered pouch, a note pad, an adhesive pocket, a magnet, and a journal card.  The washi is beautiful in person, which this close up will not accurately reflect, but just trust me.


That book washi is gorgeous.  😍

So, clearly I am a fan.  Of the 4 boxes received to date, I was delighted with three and will find some items in the fourth usable.  The less loved items will be given to my other crafty friends.  I find the months that have pens or sticky notes as extras to be my favorites.

Are there any cons to the sub?  Sure.  Like any subscription service, the contents are going to be a wildcard, so you need to be okay with not loving every single box.  For instance,  the bows are cute, but I probably will not get that much use out of them.  The other con for Simply Gilded specifically is that they have a hard time keeping up with demand.  (A lot of small businesses in the community do, they are often one woman shows, after all.)  Get on the waitlist and be prepared to click fast when your opportunity to enroll comes up.  I was on the waitlist less than a month, so I didn’t find this to be an arduous process.

You can also buy SG washi without a sub.  Join the shop’s Facebook group, and watch for announcements on new releases.  Then be prepared with very fast fingers as soon as the releases go on sale.  I mean as soon.  Like right that second.  Maybe log on a couple minutes early and hit refresh until the rolls pop up, and then checkout with your favorite immediately.   Then go back for more selections if there is time.  Some sell out in a minute. I am not even kidding. It’s kind of fun, but you have to be prepared to not get everything you want.  If the excitement of that frenzy isn’t your jam, sign up for the sub and then just enjoy the guarantee that rolls will be delivered soon without the spike in your blood pressure.

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