Stash Enhancement Saturday: KAD Washi Cards

Krissyanne Designs has been a popular shop in the planner community for years, and with good reason.  Her stickers are amazing,  she collaborates with some of my favorite artists, and she frequently gives back to the community through her numerous sponsorships at events.  I definitely own my fair share of stuffed KAD sticker binders. This post isn’t about her stickers, though.  A few weeks ago she introduced perhaps my favorite KAD product to date – washi cards.


People have long used things like embroidery floss bobbins or empty gift cards to trade washi samples or carry just a few strips in their bag rather than having to pack several rolls when crafting away from home.  KAD now gives us the opportunity to order personalized cards that are made from metal that will serve this purpose.  We can all stop stealing pretty (empty) gift cards at checkout stands now.  In honor of the start of football season, I pulled a couple rolls out to demonstrate.


Having a metal edge means your washi card can actually double as a washi cutter.  Just lay your washi down, hold the edge of the card against where you want the cut to be, and pull up on your washi.  Voila! A crisp, clean edge.


I used to carry around a palette knife to use as a cutter since cutting washi straight with a pair of scissors eludes me.  Palette knives work great, but they can also be a little bulky when trying to cram supplies in a pouch.  The washi card solves the space issue and works just as well.

Normally I try to be a bit balanced and offer some drawbacks to products if there are any, but I honestly can’t think of any.  I like them so much I plan to order quite a few to use as table mate gifts at meetups or to advertise with.  I highly recommend you order a few of your own just in case I love mine so much I can’t part with any.






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