FO Friday: Bubble Up Messy Bun Hat

I know what you’re thinking.   Who took over this blog and what did she do with Christine? There is no way that Christine is posting her third finished object in less than two months. But yet, it’s true and I totally am.  I present the Bubble Up Messy Bun Hat!


I seem to have found my knitting mojo again.  I don’t know if it was prompted by responsiblity avoidance or the start of the Down Cellar Studio’s annual Pigskin Party,  but I took a weekend to do absolutely nothing of importance and just knit all day.  (If you don’t know what the DCS Pigskin Party is, check out the link here.  It’s my favorite KAL of the year! Mostly because I get to knit whatever I want and I can take months to finish it without being judged.)

A friend had asked for a messy bun hat awhile ago, I just needed to find a cute pattern.  I am pretty sure I looked at every pattern on Ravelry until I found the right one.  The Bubble Up Messy Bun Hat by Nicole Tsou comes in a set with three patterns – a regular beanie, a slouchy beanie, and the messy bun.  It retails for $2.50, which is pretty darn cheap considering you get three patterns.

Pattern in hand,  I wanted to match it with the perfect squishy yarn, so I used Hazel Knits Cadence, which is a superwash merino in a worsted weight.  My friend chose the Chocoberry colorway to match her coat.  US8 and US9 needles were called for in the pattern.

Here is another view modeled by the infamous Pier 1 glass head.  (Remember when knitters decided this head was the perfect hat blocker and sold Pier 1 out across the country? I bet their buyers were so confused about why the strange head became so popular. It is such a weird little head. Crafters are funny. And resourceful.)


I enjoyed this pattern so much, I think I am going to make another one.

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