Stash Enhancement Saturday – on a Sunday: Cosmo by Lecien Floss Bobbins

I have been in a very cross stitch mood as of late and my supplies are kind of strewn all over the table.  I knew I needed to buy some bobbins and wind the floss, but it kind of annoys me that the only real option to organize floss is the bobbin/plastic box option. I was contemplating going with the laundry pin or tongue depresser route that is all over Pinterest (look, I’m very basic), but that required me to find those, and so procrastination set in.  Then I randomly came across the Cosmo by Lecien large floss bobbins, and the Francophile in me was suddenly very motivated to find a solution.


The mere fact they weren’t plain white was enough to intrigue me.  The fact there was space for three was also interesting.   But mostly, if I am being completely honest, the fact they were French inspired made me buy them.  (PS – for actual French haberdashery supplies, check out Maison Sajou!)

The bobbins are hard and relatively thick cardboard.  They are not flimsy like some other cardboard bobbins on the market, and since I am a little rough on my supplies, I appreciate the sturdy construction.  The print is only on the front, the back is plain white.  I didn’t mind this, as that left room for me to identify the colors of floss in some way.


The bobbins come in packs of 2 and are a bit on the pricey side.  I have seen them listed for anywhere between $2.39 and $4 for the pack.  I think part of the reason the price point is so high is that they are hard to find.  Every brick and mortar store website I found them on were sold out, so I ended up having to get mine on Etsy.  I had to have them anyway!  I mean, look how pretty they are.


While cute, they aren’t without issue.  For those of us that organize by color family, it’s probably a bit easier to pick three colors to house together on one bobbin.  But if you organize by floss number, you will need to come to terms with mixed color families on each bobbin.  I mostly blame DMC for this – why can’t they number their colors in a more reasonable fashion?!  Also, since I don’t own all the colors,  what happens when I buy a color that is numbered between two already on a bobbin?  I see rewinding in my future.  To identify the colors, I used the pack of stickers you can buy from DMC.  Be forewarned,  the stickers are super tiny.


They are also too large to fit in the Darice bobbin storage case, so be prepared to find a new option there, too, should you pick some up.  The Creative Options Deep Utility Box is a suitable replacement,  as it’s tall enough, but I’ll be keeping an eye out for something a bit cuter.

Overall thoughts: Cute for the Francophile looking for a new way to store floss, but a bit pricey and perhaps a little impractical.


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